Field plays an over-eager reporter who takes shortcuts around journalistic ethics and prints a story that injures an innocent businessman (played by Paul Newman). Absence of Malice The ethics of the press are roundly slapped around in an entertaining if not always believable drama from director Sydney Pollack. Absence of Malice is the flipside of All The President's Men, a splendidly disturbing look at the power of sloppy reporting to inflict harm on the innocent. 1 Nomination. Sally Field is the protagonist of the movie, and portrays a relentless investigative journalist named Megan Carter. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) - Kurt Luedtke .

Mike Gallagher is a Miami liquor wholesaler whose deceased father was a local mobster. Absence of Malice attempts but doesn’t succeed to depict an accurate picture of the profession’s conflicts and dilemmas. Absence of Malice Awards and Nominations. It lost its three Oscar nominations but Melinda Dillon did win the Kansas City Film Critics Circle award.
Actress in a Supporting Role - Melinda Dillon in "Absence of Malice" Actor in a Leading Role - Paul Newman in "Absence of Malice" Against Wind and Tide: A Cuban Odyssey. Movie: Absence of Malice Year:1982 Nominations:Best Actor - Paul Newman, Best Supporting Actress - Melinda Dillon, Best Original Screenplay - Kurt Luedtke Wins/Snubs: Henry Fonda won for On Golden Pond, but this is hardly Newman's finest work - ALL of that went unrewarded (and by finest, I mean when he was young and hot - he was ALWAYS a good actor).).

... Oscar Nominations Actor: Paul Newman. Oscar Awards: None Oscar Context: The winner of the Best Actor Oscar was Henry Fonda for the melodrama "On Golden Pond." An American Werewolf in … Whether the film’s plot actually works in terms of the US legal system appears to be open to question. Absence of Malice is a movie produced and directed by Sydney Pollack in 1981, and it has had three Academy Award nominations. ‘Absence of malice’ is a legal term relevant to libel law in the US. Absence of Malice Golden Globes: 2 Nominations A prosecutor leaks a false story that liquor warehouse owner Michael Gallagher is involved in the murder of a union head, and as newspaper reporter Megan Carter picks up the story and attempts to find the real truth, Gallagher's life begins to unravel. Absence of Malice is the flipside of All The President's Men, a splendidly disturbing look at the power of sloppy reporting to inflict harm on the innocent. Absence de malice Absence of Malice.

A newspaper may print a story that may not be true about a person as long as they do so in good faith, not knowing that it is false. 3 Nominations.

Absence of Malice (1981): Sydney Pollack Melodrama about Power of the Press Starring Paul Newman and Sally Field January 5, 2006 by EmanuelLevy Paul Newman and Sally Field star in Absence of Malice , Sydney Pollack’s controversial drama about the power of the press, written by former journalist Kurt Luedtke and dealing with reporters’ zeal and single-mindedness. "Absence of Malice" is an involving exercise in paranoid mystery, with Newman in fine form as always, and Sally Field providing capable support. (The unbelievable laxity of the editors in "Absence of Malice" creates the movie's greatest credibility gap.)

Documentary (Feature) - Suzanne Bauman, Paul Neshamkin and Jim Burroughs, Producers. Sally Field is the Miami reporter who is set up to leak information on a dead-end murder investigation. Check winners and nominees of 1981 Academy Awards. Absence of Malice received three Oscar Nominations: Best Actor for Paul Newman, Supporting Actress for Melinda Dillon and Screenplay (Original) by Kurt Luedtke. Paul Newman (with his fifth career nomination) as Michael Gallagher, the innocent victim of an unscrupulous Miami newspaper columnist's report in Sydney Pollack's examination of the ethics of journalism, Absence of Malice (with three nominations and no wins)
It can be seen as an extension of that great 70's movie tradition where acclaimed directors make polished films exposing high-level corruption. Absence of Malice (1981) Awards. Showing all 3 wins and 8 nominations.

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