To some car-crazy kids who grew up in the 1950s, a black-and-white ’55 Buick sedan will always be Broderick Crawford. It was an interesting episode especially after Broderick Crawford hears from both Compton and Eastwood and gets their side. Across the screen were the words "Broderick Crawford, starring in, Highway Patrol".

After the original run, it was sometimes rerun with the name "Ten-4"..

Daarna speelde Crawford vervolgens in een aantal televisieproducties, waaronder in de politieserie Highway Patrol als Dan Matthews. 10 - 4 October 21, 2010 My Friend, the Impressionist by Lucas Rubio. The Storygraph. He took a cardboard character, written with no personality at all, really, and made him into someone the audience liked and wanted to see every week. With Broderick Crawford, Morgan Jones, Robert Knapp, Russ Whiteman. In the United States, reruns could be seen daily throughout the 1960s. Highway Patrol - a ZIV Television Production - 1955-1959. before; The Flame (1947) This movie features Brod as an potential blackmailer.

For 4 seasons, from 1955-1959, and a total of 156 episodes.It was one of the most popular syndicated programs in television history. It may be the called the State Police, State Troopers, Militia, the Rangers, or the Highway Patrol. There are lots of episodes on YouTube of this fast-paced series. Directed by Leslie Goodwins. You know, Broderick Crawford as Dan Mathews really was the epitome of "gruff but lovable." Broderick Crawford, Actor: All the King's Men. October 30, 2012. v1 i2.

In 1986 stierf hij op 74-jarige leeftijd in Rancho Mirage (Californië), na een beroerte. Vol 53 Issue 4.
He was also memorable as Judy Holliday's boisterous boyfriend in Born Yesterday (1950). The Broderick Crawford 1955 Buick Special By Gary Goltz, BCA #30962, Upland, CA.

When and where was Highway Patrol rerun ? How long did Highway Patrol run ?
Just type in Highway Patrol in YouTube.

Houston calls the Highway Patrol and the responding officer is killed in a collision with a truck. It's great to see those wallowing great cop cars in action again. He hardly ever took his wide-brimmed trilby off - even when being shot at. "Crawford's heavy drinking increased during the filming of Highway Patrol, eventually resulting in several arrests and stops for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), which eventually gained him a suspended driving license. These are the stories of the men whose training, skill, and courage, have enforced and preserved our state laws. Broderick Crawford - Highway Patrol. Highway Patrol - Keeping TV history alive and promoting real police work by Jon G. Robinson from Cars & Parts.

Glued to my family's old black and white portable TV, I waited to hear that familiar refrain, "da, da-da-daaa".

Broderick Crawford is best remembered for two roles: his Oscar-winning turn as Willie Stark in All the King's Men (1949), and as Chief Dan Mathews on the syndicated TV series Highway Patrol (1955). We had a succession of directors [for Case of the Dangerous Robin]: some really good, some not too good.One, James Goldstone, was just getting started. His weight and penchant for heavy drinking contributed to several injuries suffered on the set of Highway Patrol. April 2010 1955 Buick Broderick Crawford Highway Patrol Replica by Patrick C. Paternie. Broderick Crawford Personal life Throughout his adult life, Crawford was prone to bouts of heavy alcohol consumption, and was known for eating large meals. These habits contributed to a serious weight gain for Crawford during the 1950s. Highway Patrol - a ZIV Television Production - 1955-1959. before; The Flame (1947) This movie features Brod as an potential blackmailer. The man and the car are insepara Everyday after school back in 1961, I could hardly wait until 5:30 pm. Dan Mathews and his officers assist a county sheriff in closing down a club that offers illicit gambling. With Broderick Crawford, Art Gilmore, William Boyett, Vance Skarstedt. Powerful patrol cars, fast motorcycles, and superheterodyne two-way radios combine to fight crime on the rural highways of America's wide open spaces. Vervolgens produceerde hij nog een aantal Europese en Amerikaanse films.

He was full of energy, imagination, and talent. Whenever the laws of any state are broken, or when the welfare of its citizens is in danger, Remember Highway Patrol and the tough-but-fair Dan Matthews? Highway Patrol, starring Broderick Crawford - a ZIV Television Production - 1955-1959 Throws a different light on the events and how Crawford has to proceed.

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