Crayfish are omnivorous so if you have live plants in your tank they are going to eat them. Blue Ridge Marron also have an established breeding stock of an exceptional strain of electric blue marron. Electric blue crayfish love to burrow and have a place to hide out—and hiding is an essential part of electric blue crayfish care because of molting. They were so cool. Don't feed them turtle pellets. They get big though, just be aware of that and make sure your tank is big enough. They are a great alternative to lobster as they are much cheaper, and much easier to prepare. Try regular fish food. We don't think you have to be Scandinavian to throw one either so why not invite your friends over, get in the beers and crayfish and party the night away. Cost of Blue Crayfish. We raise these here at our Florida Facility. They'd be able to tell you their prices. Find out more about Swedish crayfish parties here. The Electric Blue Crayfish, also known as the Blue Lobster in the pet store industry, was developed over twenty years ago on a local tropical fish farm here in Florida. Buy 1 Live Electric Blue Crayfish/Freshwater Lobster (2+ Inch Young Adult) by Aquatic ArtsTM by Aquatic ArtsTM (formerly InvertObsessionTM) at Amazon UK.

We also have our Tropical filler packs in order to give people and idea of what will live happily together.

There are many different crayfish species, we are trying our best to provide you links to buy the ones that you are interested in. This is one of the most colorful creatures you will ever find that can live in a freshwater aquarium. Not only is the Electric Blue Crayfish simply gorgeous, it is also very active and fascinating to watch! 1 Male/Female Pair of Electric Blue Crayfish - 2 to 3+ inches (We guarantee a very high-quality, breeding age young adult male/female crayfish pair for this listing) 1 Juvenile Electric Blue Crayfish - 1+ inch (A younger and smaller variant of Electric Blue Crayfish at a lower price than our young adult specimens.

Sometimes the seasons changing will mean price fluctuations. Overview We raise these here at our Florida Facility. We buy all our fish at a good size to ensure they are strong healthy fish. Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans. A site dedicated to the keeping of blue crayfish. Aquarium Lobster and Crayfish for sale at ... Cichlids for Sale Malawi Cichlids Haplochromis Electric Blue Blue Dolphin Venustus Eye-Biter Malawi Peacock Malawi Mbuna Acei Auratus Cichlid EB Johanni Cobalt Blue Greshakei Ndumbi Clown Afra Electric Yellow Hongi Kenyi Demasoni Saulosi Elongatus Socolofi Red Zebra Fuelleborni Trewavasae Tanganyika Lake Victoria … Aquatic Arts 1 B-Grade Neon Red Crayfish/Freshwater Lobster aka Orange/Tangerine Crayfish (2 to 3+ inch Young Adult!) - Stunning Red Variant of The Electric Blue Crayfish Limited numbers of these highly sought after specimens are available for aquarium and crayfish … There are some variables that fluctuate the cost of these aquarium blue crawfish, but for the most part its around $40 U.S. dollars.

I had two Electric Blue Crayfish. The variety kept and sold in aquariums is primarily a brilliant blue color, but they can also be white, red and brown, especially in the wild. These in the highly popular CPO Dwarf Crayfish, (sometimes called "blue lobster crayfish") Electric Blue, Dwarf Blue, Clarkii in all colors including blue, white, and orange. Blue lobsters/crayfish - tropical fish tank cleaner - shrimp's - grade a. young crayfish around 3 inches is a blue crayfish but is brown in colour at present colour may change #1. The average cost of electric blue crayfish is between $20-$50 U.S. dollars. This crayfish is a variant of the Louisiana wild red crayfish that has become very popular among hobbyists. Dilwe fishing net, quickly opened fishing bait. When blue crayfish molt, they become very soft and are susceptible to attacks from other crayfish and other fish even.
Use caution when keeping big crayfish. Procambarus alleni are more commonly known as Blue lobsters, Florida crayfish, Electric blue crayfish, Everglades crayfish, Sapphire crayfish, and Blue Crayfish. You can also call Petco or Petsmart if they have them. While some of our competitors may buy in the smallest fish for price we pride ourselves in only offering good sized fish for sale.

Simply put them into a salted pan of boiling water and boil them for three minutes, then allow them to stand for a further two minutes. Blue crayfish is a very hardy species. Elite Inverts provides the highest quality and most brilliant colors in aquarium crayfish (sometimes called crawfish) in the US. The wild red is very popular among many people who enjoy different seafood and in fact 90% of the crayfish eaten across the globe come from Louisiana.

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