The proprioceptive sense sends information about our body’s position to the brain so that we inherently know that our foot is tapping the ground as we wait on the bus or that our leg is curled under the other on the couch even while we do other actions or tasks. Body Awareness Questionnaire (Shields, Mallory & Simon, 1989) Instructions: Listed below are a number of statements regarding your sensitivity to normal, nonemotive body processes. Body awareness helps us to understand how to relate to objects and people at home, at school and outdoors. Body awareness and body image are different: Body awareness is argued to be interoceptive – concerning our internal state (see also Bud Craig’s writing on this, which focusses on the neuroanatomical perspectives), whereas body image includes to some extent information on what our body looks like when observed from without. Levels of Body Awareness. Improving body awareness has been suggested as an approach for treating patients with conditions such as chronic pain, obesity and post-traumatic stress disorder. Think of the game Hokey Pokey, for example.

Heightened body awareness can be adaptive and maladaptive. Your muscles and joints send your brain information about your body and how it moves. Proprioception activities help with body awareness.

An important first step in body awareness is knowing what the body parts are and where they are located. Norms and reliability and validity data are presented for an objectively scored Body Awareness Questionnaire (BAQ), which is suitable for use with college students and nonstudent adults. For each statement, select a number from 1 to 7 that best describes how the statement describes you and place the number in the box to the right of the statement. Body awareness is the ability to recognize where your body is in space. Body awareness is highly influenced by proprioceptive processing, the sensory information one receives from the movement and force of muscles and joint groups. You may wonder why is body awareness important? Body awareness is the internal understanding of where the body is in space.

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